Avoca Scrap Project Round Rug

CRISPINA is a brand developed and executed by Crispina ffrench, an enviromental and social activist and textile artist based in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, USA.  It began when ffrench ran a wholesale recycling manufacturing company (called CRISPINA) producing her home furnishing and clothing designs for nearly 20 years using discarded clothing, (mostly wool sweaters) for raw material.  In 1989, she was the first to introduce the idea of recycling used wool sweaters to the marketplace and successfully twisted the perception of used clothing into useful raw material.  Today, Crispina ffrench makes and sells her work, here, on Etsy, and at very few select sales venues and events. She is available for public speaking, workshops, corporate retreats, and community building projects.  Current work includes Scrap Projects with textile waste generating companies - in the US and Europe. Workshops are immersive, engaging, and enlightening.  Speaking topics range from entrepreneurship, creating a life you love, and downsizing, to environmental awareness in the world of textiles.  Community building activities include clothing drives and group 'Potholder Rug Weaves' to support like-minded not-for-profit organizations.  To book Contact us.  To attend any of our events check the Events page.

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Crispina ffrench is the mother of ‘Textile Waste Alchemy’.  She’s been turning discarded textiles into useful things since 1987.  A passionate environmentalist, maker and women’s empowerer, ffrench has authored a teaching book The Sweater Chop Shop.  She teaches, blogs, and makes and sells her work at select retail events and at www.crispina.com