Learn to Save the World with Potholder Rugs

Multi Colored 2.5x3.5ft Potholder Rug folded in half

Multi Colored 2.5x3.5ft Potholder Rug folded in half

It is pure joy for me to teach a two-day intensive Potholder Rug class using a process I came up with back in 1990. It was in response to the plethora of wool sweaters in the bales of materials my production company was purchasing that were not suitable for the other products we were producing. These rugs can be made from stained, torn and blemished clothing, and they are AMAZING! Woven on simple frame-looms, and customizable to any size and color for any décor! They are an inch thick, cushy and insulating beautiful in any setting AND - a real foot-gasm. Learn the whole process for making these good rugs you will enjoy for years.

This two day class is held in the heart of The Berkshires at Shire City Sanctuary, inc. A Makerspace where creatives gather to teach and learn. Please bring a bag lunch or order from the in-house organic vegan kitchen.

The process does take upper body strength - Most students will have time to make a 3x5ft rug to take home, yet those who want to work slower or smaller are welcome and accommodated.

No experience necessary.

Tools and most materials provided but if you want a specific color, or have used clothing to donate to the class, collect stretchy used clothing (including t-shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, wool sweaters, leggings, etc in the color you desire. Machine wash and dry them and bring them with you! Each rug takes about 20 lbs of material - think of all the discarded clothing we can keep from the landfil!

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Inquire about onsite and near-by accommodations available for out-of-town students.